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Advice and Information


Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness your local authority housing options team can provide you with advice and information about homelessness and the prevention of homelessness and the rights of homeless people or those at risk of homelessness and how to access that help, 

The Homeless Reduction Act 2017 was implemented in April 2018.  It places duties on local authorities to intervene at an earlier stage to prevent homelessness in their area and support homeless households  by providing advice and support in helping them to find  secure accomodation.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelesness please contact your local authority housing options team.

City of York                                                                  Craven Council

Telephone: 01904 554500                                                Telephone: 01756 706 475

Email:                                Email:


Hambleton Council                                                      Richmondshire Council

Telephone: 01609 779977                                                  Telephone: 01748 901150                                   


Ryedale Council                                                           Scarborough Council

Telephone:01653 600666                                                   Telephone: 01723 232323                           


Selby Council

Telphone: 01757 705101