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Derwenthorpe Flats

Please read the local letting criteria before placing a bid on these properties.  Please do not waste a bid if you do not meet the criteria.  If you are unsure if you are eligible to bid on these properties  please contact City of York Council - Housing Registrations team who will be able to assist you.


Appendix 1: Local Letting Initiative, Derwenthorpe (Apartments Phase 3)


As per the Section 106 agreement for Derwenthorpe this LLI will be -“ ... so as to meet the housing needs arising in the Council’s area ..”.


All NYHC adverts for this scheme will clearly state that applicants must have a local connection to the City of York Council area (‘the area’), which could be:


  • The applicant currently resides in ‘the area’ and has done so for at least 6 months or.


  • Has lived in the City of York Council area for at least 3 of the last 5 years, or.


  • Have an essential need to live close to another person who currently lives in ‘the area’, who has been resident for the last 5 years, so that support can be given or received; or


  • have been permanently and meaningfully employed in ‘the area’ for the last 12 months; or


  • have a close family member residing in ‘the area’ who has done so for at least 5 years (parent, adult son , adult daughter, brother , sister); or,


  • City of York Council has accepted a duty to house the applicant from another council under the terms of Housing Act 1996 Part 7


    CYC will only accept bids from those applicants that meet the criteria detailed above.


    JRHT may use the initial or subsequent vacancies to make best use of stock through internal transfer. An example of this may be to free up a family unit that is under occupied. Any subsequent JRHT void from the initial let will be subject to a nomination via the NYHC scheme, and all properties will be let on bedroom need / fully occupied.


    Nominations Agreement for Block B - Newman House, Derwenthorpe



    This second local letting plan applies specifically to Block B, Newman House, Derwenthorpe to:


  • Accommodate the high concentration of social rented accommodation within Newman House. 16 of the 24 apartments within Block B are for social rent. The remaining 8 apartments are for shared ownership and will be allocated outside of this nomination agreement.

  • Support all new residents to successfully integrate into the existing community which remains in relatively transitional state due to the phased nature of the development of the scheme and subsequent handover of the properties.

  • Address concerns over high levels of child density across the development as a whole, particularly within phase 3 which is the largest of the 4 phases containing 229 properties as opposed to phase 2 with 120 and 64 within phase 1

  • Promote sustainability by reducing the likelihood of housing management problems e.g. anti-social behaviour, high child density and to support the management of communal areas.


In order to address the points above and to support the sustainability of tenancies within Block B, JRHT are seeking nominations from CYC for existing households which meet the following criteria.


Nomination Criteria


Gold Band – with good tenant status 


Silver Band – with good tenant status 

Silver Band – With Experian checks


Bronze Band - private rented applicant subject to further checks (Experian) that can prove that the nominee(s) has successfully sustained a tenancy for a minimum of 3 years.


All applicants that are successful in bidding for a 1st floor property must have children over the age of 11 years old, for JRHT to be able to make an offer of accommodation.


  • JRHT will consider nominations from City of York Council who qualify and have been accepted onto the North Yorkshire Common Housing Register in accordance with North Yorkshire Common Allocation policy.

  • All nominations received from City of York Council will be subjected to JRHT allocation checks, such as affordability checks / financial assessment, evidence of care package and history of unacceptable behaviour such as domestic violence, racial harassment, drug offences, serious noise nuisance or serious breaches in tenancy conditions, for example serious rent arrears, which would make the applicant unsuitable to be a tenant, acts of anti-social behaviour that have or are likely to cause serious nuisance to neighbours; use of a property for illegal or immoral purposes. Hereby mirroring the North Yorkshire Home Choice Policy.

  • JRHT will only consider households comprising of children under the age of 11 years old for the ground floor apartments.

  • JRHT will only consider adult households with children over the age of 11 years old for the first and second floor apartments. As stated in the Local Lettings Initiative.

  • As per the Section 106 Agreement, Appendix A – Nomination Procedure, JRHT will only permit 3 deemed or actual refusals on each available property. The property will then be let directly by the JRHT.




JRHT are requesting that offers are withdrawn:


  • where existing care packages cannot be guaranteed or where there is acute vulnerability and no history of ongoing or sustained engagement with support services.

  • where the prospective tenant has failed to demonstrate the ability to afford the rent, service and estate charge


    Should all properties not be let under the above proposals standard NYHC policy lettings policy will be followed.