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Forms and Booklets

 Brochures and Leaflets available to download


North Yorkshire Home Choice (NYHC)


NYHC Allocations Policy Summary Guide

A short summary of the NYHC allocations policy

NYHC Allocations Policy

A full copy of the NYHC allocations policy

Homeless Reduction Act 2018  NYHC Policy Amendment April 2018

New legislation The Homeless Reduction Act 2018 was implemented in April and this table updates the NYHC Allocations Policy.

On-Line Application Guide

Information on how to apply on-line

Paper Application

For those applicants without internet access or those supporting others we offer a paper application

Paper Application Guide

Information to help those completing a paper application form  

Easy Read Guide

A pictorial guide to NYHC

Declaration and Consent

When you complete your application you will be asked to sign a declaration and consent form. 

This is required so that we can process and administer your request for social housing and is a statement that the information you have given is true and accurate.

Privacy Statement

This document provides details of the information we use, why we need it, and how it is stored




Yorkshire Housing have implemented a Vettings and Policy Position Statement.  Where this Yorkshire Housing policy applies, property adverts placed through North Yorkshire Home Choice will be clearly noted. For more details please contact Yorkshire Housing Direct or go to their website