About North Yorkshire Home Choice

North Yorkshire Home Choice is a choiced based housing allocations scheme, letting available Local Authority and Housing Association properties for rent across the NYHC partnership area which covers of the former district and borough councils of  Craven Ryedale Richmond Hambleton Scarborough and Selby*

*From April 2023 NYHC partner local authorities joined together to become part of the new North Yorkshire Council, along with Harrogate, however, for property allocations during the transformation period until such times,  services,   policies and ICT systems  are aligned, North Yorkshire Council will continue to operate two housing allocations schemes.  North Yorkshire Home Choice covering housing allocations in the former local authority areas below with the former Harrogate Council continuing operating their own housing allocations  policy and points system 

North Yorkshire Home Choice often shortened to NYHC operates a single housing register and allocations policy with a shared set of aims and objectives, to support those persons with the greatest housing need, following Governement legislation and Housing Law.

For more information and to see if you are  eligible and qualify for access to the North Yorkshire Home Choice Housing register you can click on the link  here which will take you to the application section of the site.

Our Website

Our website provides lots of useful information about the housing process.  You can use the website to 

  • Find out how to apply
  • Make an application
  • Check eligibility and qualification criteria
  • Search  for available properties
  • Apply for a property
  • View results of previous lettings
  • Find information on the NYHC Allocations Policy and the number of applicants on the Housing Register
  • Information on our Housing Options and Homeless advice services.
  • Links to Partner websites

To navigate around the system you can use the tabs and drop down options at the top of the page or the topics box at the right hand side of the screen.

If you need any help or advice or have a question about using this website, the application process, the housing allocations policy or general housing advice you can send us a message using the link here which will take you to our contact us page  You can also use the contact us button at the top of this page

Please note that properties in the local authority area of York from June 2022 are no longer  allocated through NYHC  but directly through York Council, who now operate their own York-Only housing register and allocations policy



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