Shortlist and Offer


At the end of the advertising cycle all bids received will be put into priority order known as short-listing and a list of applicants who have expressed an interest in a property will be produced..

We use Tie-Breakers to determine priority where there are multiply applicants within a band.

There are four tie-breakers in total used.

  • Band
  • Assessed Bedroom Need
  • Debt
  • Time

Bids will be placed firstly in order of priority Band as this is a measure of housing need.

Applicants in Emergency Band will be ranked first, followed by those in Gold, Silver and then Bronze.

The following example shows how we apply  Tie-Breakers .

If only two applicants bid for a property, one in Gold band and one in Silver then the offer goes to the higher Gold applicant.

If both applicants are in Gold band then the process moves to the next tie-breaker, which is assessed bedroom need,

If both applicants have an equal assessed bedroom need the process moves onto the next tie breaker, which is, debt.  The applicant with no housing related debt will be ranked higher.

If both applicants are equal and have no housing related debt, the process moves onto the next tie breaker which is time.  The applicant who has the earliest registration priority banding date will be ranked higher.

Full details of our Tie-Breakers are available under How We Prioritise Your Application


A successful applicant will be given the opportunity to view the property and will then have 2 days  to decide if they wish to accept.

Once a property has been matched and accepted you will not be able to bid on any other properties.

Applicants are advised that they may have their application cancelled if they refuse, after bidding,  3 suitable property offers.

Letting results will be published on the website and in the weekly newsletter available from Housing Partners.

HomeChoice reserve the right to make exceptions to the Tie-Break order and these circumstances are covered in our full allocations policy document which can be found under our information pages.

Important. You should only bid on properties that you are eligible for and wish to be considered for.  Applicants will not be considered for properties they are not eligible to bid on or where they do not meet the terms of the advert. Applicants who refuse 3 offers of a suitable property  following bidding may be excluded from the register for 12 months.