How to Bid

Available Properties

Available properties are advertised each week from Thursday until midnight the following Tuesday.  There are no properties advertised on a Wednesday.

Each property advert will provide you with information such as;

the landlord name

property location and local authority area

type of property and number of bedrooms

rent and service charges
other features for example if there is a garden or parking space, the type of heating, if pets are allowed or any minimum age restrictions or any other criteria you might need to meet

Adverts will also advise if there are any restrictions on bidding such as a section 106 planning or legal requirements, local letting initiatives, rural designations or sensitive let where additional checks on applicants are required.

Please read the advert and contact the advertising landlord or partner if you are unsure if you are eligible to bid on a property. 

Please make sure that you meet the advert criteria - If you bid on a property that you are not eligible for this will be a wasted bid and you may not be considered for the property.

Symbols are also used to highlight key features.

for example  the property has a garden  the property is wheelchair adapted  this property is part of a sheltered housing scheme.

Bidding or expressing an interest

If you want to be considered for a  property being advertised then you will need make a bid.   Bids are an expression of interest.  You can place a bid at anytime during the advertising cycle, Thursday to Tuesday, all bids are shortlisted when the advert cycle is closed but please do make sure you meet the advert criteria or you wont be considered for the property.

You can bid on a maximum of  3 properties per week.

Bids can be placed using the following channels

  • Use the website;
  • Use the automated telephone bidding line; (0300-011-2170)
  • Send a text message; (07537-402495)
  • Return a coupon by post; or
  • In person at your local partner office reception

Need any help ?

If you need help with bidding or are helping someone to bid and need advice  please contact your local partner office who will be happy to provide information, support and guidance.

In certain circumstances we can offer an Auto Bid facility.  This means that subject to an active application, a specified  area and property type the system can make a bid on your behalf. 

Not sure if you meet the advert criteria, please contact the local partner administering your application or where listed ring the contact number on the advert, our staff will be able to provide further guidance

Important. You should only bid on properties that you are eligible for and wish to be considered for.  Applicants will not be considered for properties they are not eligible to bid on or where they do not meet the terms of the advert. Applicants who refuse 3 offers of a suitable property following bidding may be excluded from the register for 12 months.

Advertised properties will be in the local authority areas of Craven Richmondshire Ryedale Hambleton Scarbrough and Selby