Q & A


What is North Yorkshire Home Choice ?

Homechoice is the way we let social housing in the North Yorkshire Local Authority areas of Craven, Hambleton, Richmondshire,  Ryedale, Scarborough and Selby. It is a sub regional choice based letting partnership between the local authorities of Craven Richmondshire Ryedale Hambleton Scarborough and Selby and partner housing associations of  Broadacres Housing Association,  Beyond Housing  and Yorkshire Housing. This scheme replaced the points-based system used previously by the individual local authorities and gives applicants more choice regarding their housing.  (NB Harrogate and York  operate their own individual waiting list and allocations policy) 

How do I apply ?

You will need to complete an application form.  Applications can be made on-line or in paper form.

Do I have to provide any supporting documentation ?

Yes, you will need to provide documentation to support your identity and eligibility for housing and information to enable your application to be assessed.

How will I know if my application has been accepted ?

You will receive a confirmation letter to say your application has been accepted. The letter will also inform you of your registration number and password, your registration date and the band your application has been assessed for and will include the type of property and the number of bedrooms you can bid for.

What is a Band ?

It is how we assess your priority for housing. We operate four bands and these are allocated following an assessment of your housing need.

Is everyone who applies accepted on the register ?

No. Following the Localism Act 2011 North Yorkshire Home Choice operate a "closed" housing register which means that we operate an eligibility and qualification criteria.

How long will I have to wait for a property ?

It is not possible to say how long you will need to wait. We have more people on our housing register than there are available properties and therefore not everybody on the register will secure housing. It is therefore important that you look at all housing options that may be available including registered social housing landlords, private rented homes and mutual exchange..

What do you mean by the term  "Bid" ?

This is an expression of interest on a property and does not mean you have to pay any money.  You will be advised on the type of property and number of bedrooms you are eligible to apply for and you will be able to bid on a maximum of  3 properties each week.

Can I bid on any advertised property ?

No, you should only bid on properties that you have been assessed for. Bids on properties that you have not been assessed for or where you do not meet the advertised criteria will be a wasted bid and you will be overlooked or "skipped".

How do I bid on a property ?

You can bid in a number of ways

  • Online through this website
  • By text to 07537 402495,

  • The automated telephone bidding line – 0300-011-2170

  • Send in bid coupon by post

  • Contact your local Council office

If I am first to bid on a property will this give me priority ?

No.  Bids can be placed at any time during the property advertising cycle. The advertising cycle is open from Thursday until Tuesday. When the advertising cycle is closed all bids received will be sorted in order of priority.

What if I change my mind on a bid placed ?

You can withdraw a bid at anytime during the advertising cycle

What happens if I am successful and offered a property I don't really want ?

If you decline a suitable property this will count as a refusal.  Where 3 offers of suitable accommodation have been refused then your application may be removed from the NYHC register for a minimum of 12 months.

What happens if I am top on more than one property shortlist ?

You will be contacted and asked which property you would like to be considered for.

How often are properties advertised ?

Properties are advertised weekly. Properties are advertised from Thursday until Tuesday.  No bids can be placed on a Wednesday.