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These documents will be updated in April 2022 to reflect that City of York is no longer a partner of North Yorkshire Home Choice. 

Allocation of accomodation: guidance for local housing authorities in England

The Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government have provided a detail of changes  to the publication v1 dated 27 June 2012.  v2 dated December 2020 and v3 January 2021. 

The table below shows the version date and changes to the paragraphs made.

These paragraphs were reviewed by representatives of NYHC and reported to the NYHC Partnership Board  at their April 2021 meeting.  The NYHC allocations policy published October 2019 (6) is the latest publication date.

Allocation of Accommodation Guidance for local housing authorities in England Dec 20 (Jan 2021)



Changes to paragraphs`



4.4  4.14  4.24  5.7 Chapter 2  Original annexes 2. and 3



1.1  1.2  1.4  1.7  1.8  2.3 to 2.6  3.23  3.27  3.31  3.33  3.37  4.7  4.9  4.13  4.14  4.22