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North Yorkshire Home Choice Local Authority Area Map.





If you require any information or advice on the housing stock a particular landlord holds or need to discuss the housing options available in the local authroity area, please contact the Partner landlord directly

On the 5th April 2022 there were 7909 active applications on the NYHC housing register.  This includes 1556 applications registered with York Council, which will be closed on 31st May 2022 when City of York Council launch their own York-Only housing register and allocations policy. City of York Council have been operating a communications programme to contact all the applicants that have an application registered with them to review their housing application and provide advice and guidance.  If you have any questions about City of York and their decision to leave North Yorkshire Home Choice Please contact York Council who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. 

As you can appreciate we cannot help everyone and we would advise that you explore all available housing options including mutual exchange,  housing association properties and those in the private rental sector.

Further information and advice is available from the individual Local Authority partners.