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The New Council & Devolution for North Yorkshire

Published: Tuesday 1 November 2022

Find out about the changes at North Yorkshire Council 

North Yorkshire Council, a single new council for everyone in North Yorkshire, will start in April 2023, replacing the current county council and seven district and borough councils.  The new authority will bring together all the best of the existing council services

To find out more visit the North yorkshire website at  The new council and devolution for North Yorkshire | North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire Home Choice

Published: Tuesday 9 August 2022

For access to social housing in the local authority areas of Craven Hambleton Richmondshire Ryedale Scarborough and Selby 

Essential Maintenance 28.07.2022.

Published: Tuesday 26 July 2022

Due to essential maintainence work you may be unable to accesss your housing application for a short period  on Thursday 28th July 2022.  We thank you for your patience and understanding 

Housing in York

Published: Tuesday 10 May 2022

You will no longer see properties advertised for rent in the local authority of York. City of York council now operate their own "York-Only" housing register and social allocations policy. Please visit City of Yorks website for more information  

Improved security

Published: Thursday 24 March 2022

Our system is being upgraded to meet WAG2.1 legislation. During this implementation password security is being improved. This means when you sign into your application you will be asked for a password  The following Q&A will guide you through the process.

What’s changed?The NYHC customer website has updated and when you login to your account you will be asked to enter a password along with your Login Reference number and memorable date.

Why am I been asked to set a password?You are been asked to set a password in order to add an extra layer of security to your account.

Will I be asked to enter a password everytime I login?You will be asked to enter your login reference number, memorable date and password everytime you login, so please remember to keep these details safe.

How do I set my new password? The next time you login to your account you will see the following instructions / pages

  1. You will be asked to enter your Login reference number.
  2. You will be asked to enter your existing memorable date.
  3. You will then be asked to set a new password.  Your password must be between 6 – 10 characters and must contain 2x Upper case letters, 2x Lower case letters and 2x numbers.  It must not have any symbols or punctuation.