Housing Policy Consultation

Housing Allocation Policy Consultation - The consultation is now closed.
North Yorkshire Council will publish the results in early 2024.

Closing Date 17th December 2023


On 1st April 2023 all eight councils across North Yorkshire joined together to become one unitary authority, North Yorkshire Council.

At present, North Yorkshire Council operates two schemes for allocating social housing

  • North Yorkshire Home Choice which covers all localities except for the Harrogate area and
  • A standalone allocation scheme covering the area of the former Harrogate Borough Council

The council must have a single allocations policy and allocations scheme covering all of North Yorkshire in place by 1st April 2025.

North Yorkshire Home Choice sets out how this is achieved via a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme.

Choice Based Letting (CBL) will apply to all households seeking to be rehoused across North Yorkshire and existing tenants wishing to move. 

The new allocations policy review will consider a number of areas that need to be revised or potentially introduced. 

How to take part 

You are invited to take part in the consultation on-line via the NYC website at Housing allocations policy consultation | North Yorkshire Council or by using the QR code


Key changes for Home Choice

Exemptions for Local Connections - In line with statutory guidance, we propose to exempt divorced or separated spouses or civil partners of Service personnel who need to move out of accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence from any local connection requirements and this is their first relocation after the end of the relationship. New exemption

Property Refusals - An application will be cancelled if an applicant refuses two suitable offers of accommodation made in writing within a 12 month period, or a single direct offer of accommodation. Currently three suitable offers 

Assessed Bedroom - Need The size of property that an applicant is eligible for is assessed by the family composition taking into account the number of children and their ages. Applicants will only be considered for the size of property that meets their housing need. A separate bedroom will be allowed for: • A single applicant or a married/cohabiting couple • A pair of children of the opposite sex aged under 10 • A pair of children of the same sex aged between 0 - 16 • Any adult aged 16 or over.  Currently any adult aged 21 or over.